Revolutionising Industries with AI

At Kriterion we're utilising the power of Generative AI to revolutionise operations with our innovative Deep Digital Twins.

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Empowers Teams. Optimises Machines.

Kriterion is leading the way in AI-enabled Decision Support Systems for physical assets.

Cerberus and Hyperion, our Deep Digital Twin Cloud-Based Platforms, ensure the healthy operation of over 15 000+ assets in:

• Distributed Power / Micro Grids

• Telecommunications

• Mobile Plant Industries

• Mission Critical Backup Systems

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Empower Teams. To Work Their Best.

Kriterion harnesses vast operational data volumes, translating them into clear service instructions using our Deep Digital Twins.

Allowing maintenance teams to shift from reactive to a pro-active mindset with days to weeks of lead time.

We provide 5 000+ predictive maintenance interventions per month to maintenance teams operating over 2.5 million square kilometers.

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Optimise Machines. To Produce More.

Using our Deep Digital Twins, we support the efficient operation of over 390 MW of generating capacity.

Kriterion's predictions annually reduce 1.7 million litres of fossil fuel consumption, cutting net CO₂ emissions by 4 714 metric tonnes.

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Optimise Machines. To Waste Less.

Kriterion supports the efficient operation of over 30 MW of cooling and heating capacity, by providing intelligent set point optimisations to maintain peak asset performance while ensuring asset health and reliability.

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Optimise Machines. To Maximise Reliability.

Kriterion is deployed on 24 MWh of energy storage capacity and continuously provides predictions to optimise the longevity and reliability of energy storage systems.

Our capacity forecasting and predictive fleet health interventions ensure our clients can maintain high-quality service availability, even during times of the highest demand.

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